Jared Brokaw

Chief Architect

Jared Brokaw oversees product engineering and development at DriveSafety, bringing a wealth of experience with early stage, mid-tier, and multinational companies.

Prior to joining the DriveSafety team, Jared served as Operations & Engineering Manager in a large corporation with more than 10,000 employees operating in over 100 countries. Before that, he directed early stage product development and design for MOG, a music social networking company. At TenX Networks, a wireless product development company, Jared designed and oversaw development of a unique antenna alignment system that dramatically reduced equipment installation time and cost. At Broadband Central USA, Jared designed and oversaw implementation of a sophisticated wireless internet service. He helped deliver a unique distance learning system for the Berkman Center at the Harvard College of Law to promote student interaction in legal courses.

Jared holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Utah.