Doug Evans CEO

CEO & President

Doug Evans has developed high-quality applications of interactive driving simulation for over twenty years. Overarching his many projects have been the goals of providing the highest quality tools in the most affordable way possible to clients. Through collaboration with talented therapists and researchers, his recent work in clinical rehabilitation and patient performance measurement is breaking new ground on what can be accomplished inside the clinic.

Doug’s technical background is in vehicle and transportation systems modeling, as well as in operator performance measurement. He is an appointed member of the National Academies’ Transportation Research Board Committee on Operator Education and Regulation as well as the Committee on Simulation and Measurement of Vehicle and Operator Performance. Doug was an industry leader in the development of high-fidelity roadway and interactive traffic simulation models. He has held technical positions with the Engineering Computer Graphics Laboratory and the Civil Engineering Department of Brigham Young University, Suter & Suter AG of Basel, Switzerland (large architectural firm), the National Science Foundation Center for Computer Aided Design at the University of Iowa, as a Research Fellow of MultiGen, Inc. of San Jose, CA and as a private consultant in the simulation industry prior to co-founding Hyperion Technologies in 1995. In addition to his role as CEO of DriveSafety, Doug served as Director of Terrain Experts, Inc. (TERREX) of Tucson, AZ, a leading provider of large-scale simulation database modeling software, since purchased by CAE Inc. of Canada.

Doug holds an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering.