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DriveSafety’s simulation systems are used by researchers throughout the world. Featuring Vection runtime software, authentic automotive cabs, wrap around out-the-window graphics (up to 360 degrees) and inertial onset motion queuing options, these systems provide compelling driving experiences. Subject-matter experts use RS simulators to investigate a wide range of driving safety related issue. Application areas include traffic safety, vehicle and roadway design, driver distraction, human interface design, driver assistance and information systems, and a variety of psychology, human factors and health sciences topics.



DriveSafety’s RS research driving simulators are combined with our own HyperDrive Authoring Suite, an advanced scenario authoring tool. The suite allows researchers to create custom driving scenarios leveraging an extensive library of roads, intersections, cultural surroundings, traffic vehicles, pedestrians and other elements along with flexible scripting capabilities. The system also includes powerful real-time data collection and performance monitoring functions users can customize to suit the specific needs of their studies.


1. Tile-Based, drag and drop Scene Authoring
with extensive library of roadway types, intersections,
cultural surroundings and static and dynamic entities

2. Event & Behavior Triggers that provide time-based,
location-based or conditional-based oontrol

3. Scripting system that allows customization of simulator
functions and performance measures


RS 150

Our Entry-level Desktop Research Simulator

Product Description

The DriveSafety RS-150 Research Simulator is an entry-level simulator designed for use in scenario development/validation and simple part-task experimentation. ground vehicle research and training applications. The RS-150 is typically deployed on a standard desktop.

System Highlights

1. Low-cost system with consumer game-wheel and pedals

2. High-resolution displays (retina-limited)

3. Deterministic Real-time simulation

4. Advanced Scenario Control & Data Collection


RS 200

Our Mid-range Research Driving Simulator

Product Description

The CDS-200 is a highly capable, fully integrated driving simulation system mounted on an electric lift table and incorporating all key driver controls and cueing systems of the larger CDS-250, but without some of its more complete automotive interior components. It does retain the authentic automotive steering wheel, pedals and live instrument cluster with speedometer, turn signals, etc. This system is highly adjustable to fit all sizes of drivers. Physical adjustments include gas and brake pedal assembly that adjusts forward and back; tilt steering wheel that also adjusts forward and back, and electrically adjustable console height.


RS 250

Our Mid-range Research Simulator

Product Description

DriveSafety’s RS-250 is a highly realistic, partially immersive driving simulation system for use in research applications. It provides an authentic automotive control environment based on Ford Focus interior components and other upgraded hardware.  In addition to its real dash and live instrument cluster with analogue speedometer and turn signals, this system includes a functional car stereo with radio, CD player and MP3 input. The CDS-250 features a comfortable and highly adjustable driver seat with armrests, power height adjustment, and large ranges of fore-aft and recline adjustment. Also featured is DriveSafety’s sturdy Transfer Frame, which simulates a car’s A and B pillars and roofline for more realistic ingress and egress.

System Highlights

1.       Visual Displays

a.     Comfortable 44-inch eye relief distance
b.     Retina-limited resolution displays

2.     Advanced Scenario Control

a.     Autonomous and Scripted Traffic
b.     Triggered events and behaviors

3.     Flexible, high-performance data collection


RS 600

Our Most Advanced Research Simulator

Product Description

The RS-600 is a fully-immersive, high fidelity driving simulation system designed for use in automotive design research, traffic safety studies and a wide range of health and human sciences research. State-of-the-art RS-600 hardware is combined with the industry’s most advanced scenario authoring tools to provide an ideal environment for subject matter experts to create and use purpose-built driving scenarios. Researchers can create their ideal driving laboratory conditions by using our extensive library of roads, intersections, vehicles, traffic patterns and landscapes, then scripting specific actions in order to collect the desired data. See what the University of New Hampshire is doing with the RS-600.

System Highlights

1. Full-width partial or complete automotive cabs with realistic control loading and correct driver ergonomics

2. High-performance out-the-window display options with up to 360-degree horizontal field of view.

3. Inertial-onset motion cueing systems


The DriveSafety RS-600 enables us to explore a wider array of studies and conduct the in a more efficient and controllable environment. Because the experience is so realistic for participants, we can get an accurate read on the impact of various stimuli inside the simulation.

Dr. Matthew Rizzo, Professor in the Department of Neurology
University of Iowa’s Carver College of Medicine